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Engaging the right attorney or online service


Few things can be as challenging as determining when it’s necessary to engage the services of a lawyer, and finding the right lawyer or service for your needs. Elder law attorneys specialize in legal areas relevant to older adults and their children. Several online services can help with the creation of various legal documents, but with complicated assets or relationships, sometimes it’s best to hire an elder law attorney, as they can help you save money and avoid future legal headaches .

What is an elder law attorney?

An elder law attorney specializes in legal areas relevant to older adults and their children. These may include the creation of estate plans and important legal documents such as wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and advanced healthcare directives. (See “Basic legal documents” and “Estate plan basics”)

Elder law attorneys may also help with long-term care and disability planning, Medicare and Medicaid planning, veterans benefits, and elder abuse (See “XXX”)

Elder law attorneys can answer complicated questions and ensure that all legal documents comply with state and local laws.

How much does an elder law attorney cost?

There are services that can help with lower cost. …

When are online services appropriate for creating legal documents?

When is it best to use a lawyer to create legal documents?

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