Using an online service

Summary      Online legal services are services offered via the Internet by online companies and some law firms to allow people to complete legal forms, consult with lawyers, register new companies, and carry out other legal business. This article lists the main services online legal companies provide, explains why someone would use an online service, and […]

Special needs trust

Summary A special needs trust is a legal fund that gives income to a person who is chronically ill or physically or mentally disabled. This article explains how a special needs trust works and the three kinds of special needs trusts. What is a special needs trust? A special needs trust is a legal fund […]

Protecting assets from taxes and fees

Summary There are several steps a person can take to protect their assets from taxes and fees. This article lists some of the main taxes and fees and some effective steps to protect assets from them.  What are some of the main taxes and fees? Taxes and fees can reduce a person’s assets both while […]

Protecting assets from mishandling

Summary There are several ways for a person to make sure that their assets will go where they want and be used the way they want. This article lists the main ways to protect assets from being mishandled or misdirected.  Create a will To make sure that assets will go where a person wants them […]

Overview of trusts

Summary A trust is a legal creation that can own assets such as money, property, and stocks. When a person transfers assets into the trust, those assets now belong to the trust, not the person. This article names the basic types of trusts, as well as some common specific kinds. It then lists some of […]

Overview of legal documents

Summary A person planning for aging and end of life must make a set of important decisions about medical, financial, and legal matters. Once they have made these decisions, they need to put them into legal documents to make sure they are carried out. This article covers the basic documents that every person should have […]

Overview of health care documents

Summary Health care documents are a set of legal forms and papers that state a person’s wishes for medical care and treatment when they are seriously ill, in a medical emergency, or nearing the end of life. The documents give health providers and caregivers guidance, and also make it legal for doctors to withhold certain […]

Overview of estate plans

Summary An estate plan is a set of legal documents that say what happens to an individual’s estate after they die. This article provides information on the documents generally included in an estate plan and explains the differences between an estate plan and a will. It also covers who should get an estate plan done […]

Life insurance trust

Summary A life insurance trust is a trust where the asset is a life insurance policy. This article describes what a life insurance policy is and explains how to set one up. It then says who pays the premiums for the policy, and lists the pros and cons of a life insurance trust. What is […]

Letter of last instruction

Summary A letter of last instruction is a document containing important information and after-death wishes that a person writes to the executor of their will or their family members. This article lists some items that a letter of last instruction should contain, and then explains how to create one.  What is a letter of last […]