Meal delivery services

There are many meal delivery services available for older adults. Some meal delivery services like HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Hungryroot supply most or all of the ingredients for people to cook the meals themselves. Other meal delivery services such as Factor and Home Chef  supply pre-made meals that can be heated up in a stove […]

Grocery and takeout delivery services

The market is full of inexpensive services that will bring almost anything to a person’s door anywhere, and at any time. Whether you are in search of groceries, medications, toiletries, tools, or takeout, there are a variety of delivery services in addition to delivery options from individual retailers.  Delivery services like Amazon Fresh, Thrive Market, […]


Summary For many older adults, transportation is a key to staying independent. However, for some, driving to appointments, shopping, services, or activities may no longer be possible due to health conditions or other circumstances. This article details some transportation options for adults who may no longer have access to a vehicle or be able to […]

Saving for retirement

Summary Deciding on how to invest, and in what types of accounts, can be challenging for people. This article gives a broad overview of the types of investment accounts available. It offers factual information on tax consequences and distribution benefits, but it does not offer investment advice. Consult with your financial investment advisor to determine […]

Getting financial assistance

Summary With fixed incomes, many older adults struggle to keep up with expenses. Fortunately, there are resources available to assist them, from housing and transportation to daily food benefits. This article offers information on some of the programs available to help older adults pay for everyday expenses. NCOA “Benefits CheckUp” website With fixed incomes, many […]

Choosing a health care option

Summary One of the most important and challenging aspects of being a caregiver is determining when an older adult may need medical attention from a clinical expert. The decision is not always obvious, and there are a range of options available. This article outlines the main types of health care options available and offers some […]

Caring for an older adult with dementia

Summary Caring for an older adult with dementia comes with specific challenges. This article explains some of those challenges and then offers basic tips for caregivers in this position. Challenges of caring for someone with dementia Caring for an older adult with dementia comes with specific challenges, including:  A very high caregiver burden, often leading […]

Avoid dehydration

Summary Dehydration is a top issue for older adults and their caregivers. This article explains the causes and signs of dehydration. It then suggests ways for the caregiver to help the older adult stay hydrated. What is dehydration? Dehydration is a top issue for older adults and their caregivers. Dehydration happens when a person has […]

Senior discounts

Summary Every penny counts for older people on fixed incomes, so taking advantage of the discounts offered can cut regular expenses and free up funds for savings. This article includes information on how to take advantage of senior discounts, and an overview of the types of discounts to be on the lookout for.  Don’t be […]


Summary There are many different mortgage products available to borrowers of all ages. This article describes some reasons for getting a new or different mortgage. It then covers the most common mortgages available, from standard 30-year fixed loans to asset depletion mortgages, refinancing, lines of credit, and more. Why do people get a new or […]